Hipster designers…

Owning an iMac is cool right? Owning a Macbook is cool too. Owning an iphone is definitely cool. Having big-ass, Gandhalf-looking beard without any cultural implication is cool. Wearing red-and-black checkered shirts is cool. Retro cameras are sooo cool. Looking like a lumberjack is hell’a cool.

Creating and arguing meaningless aesthetics as functional? – dha… COOL! Dismissing old, yet proven-to-work tools, processes or resources? Really. Freaking. Cool. Pretending uninspired, meaningless, vulgar-just-for-the-hell-of-it art is as cool as it gets, right? Getting a lot of L’s on Dribbble on shots that don’t (and will never) have,  a practical and useful application in the real world is cool.

Using Sketch at all costs is cool. Trashing Adobe because you’re just sick of the monopoly the have on the creative market because they have been producing useful, world-class quality products since you where in diapers – so cool you could you could make Ice Cube call you “daddy”.

Skipping planning and research and jumping straight to visual design is cool. Jumping to conclusions before understanding the true matter of a problem is cool. Rejecting constructive, critical feedback on your work and labeling the critic as narrow-minded and unimaginative lamer is the definition of cool.

Did you know that a good majority of creative directors from the top agencies in the world have come from a copywriting or strategy backgrounds, and very few from design? Ever wonder why that is? Copywriters and strategists don’t have a Dribbble or Behance account to polish. Their work is based around research and is result oriented. I’m going to leave you with that taught…


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