Caligrafik is a personal project, a labour of love – the first Romanian art agency. I started this project during college and it grew over the years. In 2015 I decided to rebrand it completely to better respresent what I wanted it to become. Formerly named CreARTiv3, it was a name difficult to understand and remember by many. Also, the visual identity was inexpresive and stale. I decided to go for something elegant, artsy but still minimalistic.

Exploration & solution

Trough Caligrafik I promote visual artists and designers of all sorts. The content showcased in the portfolio is visual and colorful. The branding needed to be subtle so that it won’t compete visually with the artworks; on the contrary, it needed to highlight and complement the showcase.

Another aspect I’ve kept in mind is the price range and target audience I’m shooting for. Most of our services aren’t the cheapest because quality is one quality I never want to compromise on. For this reason, I tried to strike the right balance between a luxury feel and minimalism. I decided that a simple wordmark would be the best option in this case. I drew inspiration from museums I’ve visited, art and design books and websites like Google Art & Culture.

At first I’ve experimented with hand-made blackletter lettering using a flat brush pen. Altough it produced some interesting lines, it did feel heavy, distracting and somehow unfit. I decided to go ahead and explore with font manipulations.

Less is more. We let the art speak for its self.

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