ejobs is Romania’s top job board with over 3.5 mil registered users as of Jan. 2016. Apps dedicated to job seekers offer an easy, on-the-go solution to searching and applying to jobs. Packed with functionality, this was a challenge to design but a pleasure and a great learning experience.
  • client ejobs.ro
  • role UI & UX  designer
  • period 4 months

Simple structure and prioritized content

After studying and defining the content and information architecture, we’ve concluded that there are 3 most used, main sections: job searches, saved jobs and searches and the user’s profile. This was the main reason we’ve decided to ditch the clasic hamburger menu used in the previous version and go for an action bar which highlights the main sections.


Viewing options

Our research shows that our users fall in one of two categories: first – the ones who like to scan trough a large list of jobs and quickly apply to what seems like a good fit and second – the ones who like to take their time and pay attention to each job description, read it and decide if it’s worth sending in their resume.

To serve this purpose we’ve designed 2 viewing modes: vertical list view and carousel view. The vertical list allows for quick browsing by keeping focus on the job title. The carousel offers a bit more info by providing an additional snippet of a short description for the job.

Carousel view

List view

Quick apply

As mentioned before, a good portion of our users like to apply to a high number of jobs per session. They usually use filters to make sure they only see relevant jobs. At this stage, they read the job title and the name of the employer to decide if they want to apply.

For this reason we’ve developed a universal solution for applying to a job, which can be triggered from a “Quick apply” button – placed on each card, right in the job stream – or the “Apply” button inside the any job page.

Resume, on hand

On of our goals at ejobs was to position the user’s resume as a always-on-hand, shareable and professional looking professional presentation. Therefore, in this new version of the app, we’ve redesign the user profile to give it a cleaner and more attractive look. Later, upon users request, we’ve added “Share” and “Download as PDF” functionalities. This goes to show that our users want to engage and use their ejobs profiles instead of classic PDF resumes, thus our positioning plans are on the right track.


Onboarding tour

Because this new version was a major redesign and we’ve added more functionality, we’ve created a simple slider that explains how to best use the app – how to apply, how to favourite a job or a search and how to browse trough the job stream. We know these tours can sometimes get in the way, that’s why we’ve included a button to retake the tour anytime in the “More” submenu.

The real thing

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