Professional objective

I am open to new projects and proposals. Currently, I’m interested in start-ups who bring real value to society and try to solve difficult, real problems. I want to use my creativity and design skills to find innovative and elegant solutions to complex problems.


Feb 2017
to Present

UI & UX Designer at Crossover

Crossover is a talent marketplace for the very best. I’ve joined the core team, to work on making this product better on all fronts – UI, UX and brand. Let the new adventure begin…

June 2015
to Feb 2017

Lead Designer at

In charge of “look and feel” of ejobs – branding, UI, UX, art direction – I am in charge of everything. Under my supervision the company went trough a big improvements: a process of refreshing the brands visual identity, and redesign of both web and mobile apps.  Furthermore, I helped develop the Design department with new hires and I’ve lead the compnaies first user research study alongside Toni Feraru, Lead Researcher at

January 2013
to Present

Founder & Art Director at Caligrafik Studios

Caligrafik is an illustration and design agency I’ve started during college. I manage a group of visual artists, caricature artists, painters and designers to which I place projects that best match their abilities and expertise. I am in charge of art direction and marketing.

This was and continues  to be a great learning experience because with dealing with clients I meet all kinds of people – from high-class businessmen to local business owners and laymen. Also, here I see every day the value good customer support and the value of the multitude of little things that create a customer’s experience.

November 2014
to February 2015

Graphic Designer at Loopaa Marcom Inc.

Loopaa is a full-service digital marketing agency from Cluj Napoca, Romania. I worked on various print and web projects. Here is where I’ve learnt to calmly manage negative feedback and the value of team spirit.

September 2014
to October 2014

DTP & Graphic Designer at ATU Advertising

ATU is a typical local advertising agency. Being the only designer there, I juggled a large number of projects. Most of the work here was print design and DTP. Because of the workload here, I’ve learnt to quickly jump from on project to another.


Sept 2010
to Jul 2013

Finance & Banking, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

During my time in college, I started a small entrepreneurial project which now has become By mixing the artistic nature of my project with the pragmatism and concrete knowledge of finance and economy, I’ve learnt to look at design and art as a business. I later found that this is a rare trait among designers and visual artists. Although I’m not working in the finance today, I definitely think those were formative years and college was a useful experience.





After Effects


UX Research



Art Direction


Print Design



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