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September 2016 → December 2016



UI design, UX design, UX research


ejobs is Romania’s largest job board, with over 3 mil registered users. Thousands of applications run through the platform every day. To help increase this number, the company created a mobile app that allowed candidates to search for job, save searches, setup alerts, update their profile and more. However, being done in a start-up environment, it had significant UX issues. Also, the company went through a rebranding process in 2016, so the old app needed a face-lift.



I worked closely with the CEO and Product Owner to apply the new brand and improve some of the UX issues we’ve identified by heuristic analysis and by looking at app ratings. We started with low-fidelity pencil sketches on printed templates to define the architecture and user flows. Next, we wireframed and prototyped the app in Photoshop + Invision to make sure everything is intuitive and makes sense. Last, I applied the last coat of paint – the visual design.


This is the final invision prototype. Use the mouse to click around and navigate it.

Search-focused experience

The search function is by far the most important one in a job board. We brought it front-and-center and made it available to both visitors and registered users. Although applying to a job requires a visitor to register and create a profile, we made the search available because it servers as a lead generator. A visitor might be highly motivated to create a profile if they’ve found a job they’re excited by.

View modes

Our research found that users are split mainly in 2 categories: those who apply to a high number of jobs without reading too much into the job description, and those who take their time and pay close attention to each job application. To accommodate both behaviors we created 2 view modes – a vertical card view and a horizontal carousel view.

Handy complex filtering

Simply searching by keywords and location is often not enough. Ejobs provides a number of additional criteria you can apply to your search. The challenge here was how to make them easily available but not too in-the-way. We used a curtain-like drawer that reveals a tabbed page where all filters are shown. I also created this solution because it keeps the same keyword input visible (not a duplicate, as most other similar patterns do)

Better user profiles

User feedback received through store comments showed that users often use their ejobs profile as resumes. In response, we made it easily available in the app and highlighted 3 useful features: completion percentage, PDF download, and send on e-mail.


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