infomunca – a Romanian job board



Branding, Print design, UI design, UX desig,

The Challenge

infomunca needed to bring its design and its web app UX to the standard that people are used to nowadays. Because they advertise a lot of overseas jobs, which are mostly appealing to the younger audience, they wanted a visual identity that speaks to this demographic.


The Solution

We started the project with a complete rebranding process which took a few weeks.  The new visual identity is now clean, bold, and colorful. Next, with clear design guidelines, we started reworking the web app, fixing UX issues and adding new features that improve the experience. I’ll go into more detail about the UX challenges below.

A better web experience

With the newly defined brand, we shifted attention to the website, where a lot could be improved. I called a meeting with the client to identify and define the main objectives of this redesign.​​​​​​​

Make it 2017. The old site was static. Today, about 40% of their traffic comes from mobile, therefore a responsive version was a great need. We also decided to implement more modern design patterns that help create better visual and information hierarchy.

Search is king. For both candidates and companies, the search function is the most important feature of the site. The site offers a wide range of search criteria such: company name, salary range, location, department, industry, and more. I needed to find a solution that can fit in almost any context, anytime, on any device. Classic search layouts like sidebars where not an option. To solve this problem i created a navigation bar that triggers a modal where other filters can be applied.

Create alerts. Our researched showed that many users prefer to search for a job once and then get alerts when new jobs are posted, instead of recreating the search each time they visit the site. We decided to offer save, or ‘favorite’ options for searches, jobs and companies.

Make candidate screening a breeze. Recruiters have to screens tens or sometimes hundreds of CVs. The old solution made it hard to navigate between resumes and compare them. To solve this problem I designed a carousel that displays a preview of the candidates and makes it easy to navigate between resumes.


This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!