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Uplift Analytics



Branding, UI design, Illustration


Uplift Analytics is a startup company that uses A.I. to dynamically adjust retail prices in order to maximize profits. The MVP was a simple app used to generate a chart based on a set criterias. The company requested a logo refresh, some core definitions of their visual branding, improvement of their UI, and a slide deck used for investor pitches.



As requested by the client this was a very 80-20 project, where we focused on minimal effort with maximum gain. To start, I worked closely with the founder to refine the logo and define the look & feel he needed. In addition to cleaning up the initial wordmark, we created a simple symbol that represents the steady growth Uplift offers their client. Next, I implemented the brand in the slide deck, where a few illustrations were drawn. Finally, I redesigned the UI.  I’ll go into greater detail below.

Improving the UI

The most important and most used feature of the app was applying filters to generate charts. These needed to be easily accessible, fast but not in the way. The point of focus is the generated chart and core metrics.

Wireframes for exploring different filtering solutions.
Below is a clickable prototype. Use your mouse to navigate it.
Tap the ‘maximize’ button to see it better.


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